Case Study

Sorensen Leather

Sorensen Leather
2016 - now

Sorensen Leather is a global company with sales in more than 35 countries, and has existed since 1973. They provide leather for some of the most exclusive places in Copenhagen, like Geranium, Hotel D’Angleterre and the Hilton Hotel.

The design and visual identity were made by a group of designers, and my job was to create a website based on their design and ideas.

The website is made in WordPress, and is made super user-friendly. It’s easy for Sorensen Leather to update their website, whether they want to add or edit collections, cases or collaborations – and if they just want to edit some standard text, of course.

The project is made in collaboration with both Sorensen Leather, Norm Architects and Danish Network Association.

Photo by Sorensen Leather
Photo by Sorensen Leather